For the second week in a row, the podcast has had some technical issues. This time the problem was less, but there are still present. Part of the reason is that the mic is subpar, the other is that the PC it's being recorded on has a damaged fan. That said, this week's episode (and the unreleased episode) were really good. The unpublished one will be issued at some future date when we all need a break (maybe over the Christmas week.) This week's episode includes:

  • Assassin's Creed 3 goes free, murders Ubisoft servers in the process
  • After Blizzard shutdown, legacy World of Warcraft server returns this month
  • Halo 5: Forge custom game browser is launching on PC this week
  • Report: Nintendo Switch will get GameCube Games

Let us know what your favorite 2016 game has been.


Guardians logo.

You can't say Telltale Games doesn't have an knack for getting hot licensed properties from their rights holders. Not content to settle for The Walking Dead, Minecraft and Batman, the developer has announced a new episodic adventure series based on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxies.

According to Telltale Games' co-founder and CEO Kevin Bruner:

 "In Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag band of heroes, and take the pilot's seat in directing their escapades around the universe."

Telltale Games also released a teaser trailer to get fans excited about the game, which will be coming next year for PC, console and mobile devices.

Check out the YouTube video here.


The Nintendo Switch is looming on us all, and more rumors from trusted sources are popping up. We also reminisce about music from the Jet Grind Radio games and talk about the timing of Titanfall 2 sucked. This week's news includes:

  • 6 of the biggest rumors Nintendo Switch rumors
  • EA pursuing development of an open-world game
  • Dead Rising 4 removes campaign co-op

Let us know if you're going to buy a Nintendo Switch.


This week's edition is a little different, in that there's no set format, just a roundtable discussion of the past week's events. TJ raves about Owl Boy, Jonah talks about N7 Day and the new Mass Effect: Andromeda revelations, and everyone on the podcast discusses how games have really been a disappointment this year and not much is coming. Oh, and a $99 3DS coming for Black Friday.

Let us know what you think.


This week features some more Civilization VI talk, as well as discussion of a new side-scrolling RPG Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, which is available for a few days at a "pay whatever you want" price; basically, it's a science fiction Zelda II.

This week's news includes:

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 coming Fall 2017, EA suggests
  • Journey and Flower studio thatgamecompany teases its next title
  • New teaser sets Mass Effect: Andromeda 600 years after the last game

This week's Question of the Week is for the Civ 6 players out there, "Which civ is your favorite in Civ 6?"


The new episode was recorded last Wednesday but only posted now due to server issues. In this edition, Jonah, T.J., and Scott all geek out about Civilization VI. They also weigh in fully about the newly revealed Nintendo Switch, and speculate on whether it's going to be a purchase. (Short answer: depends on how much it costs.)

This week's news items include:

  • Bethesda says "no more" to advance game reviews
  • Nintendo pins financial hopes on selling 2 million Switch consoles at launch
  • Microsoft announces a VR headset for $299

This week's Question of the Week: "Are you ready for VR?"


So, this episode covers that fact that Nintendo is about to announce their next device, which they did earlier today: the Nintendo NX is now called the Nintendo Switch. The official Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer was also unveiled today too, and the multiplayer aspect is discussed. Jonah advises TJ and Scott to try The Stanley Parable as well.

This week's news includes:

  • Dishonored dev's The Crossing, put on hold in 2009, gets a new trademark filing
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 announced for Xbox One and PS4, but not PC
  • Voice actors threaten strike against EA, Activision, and nine other companies
  • Grand Theft Auto 5's exploding Note 7 mod video yanked from YouTube by Samsung

All this and two Questions of the Week!


This week's episode is full of computer roleplaying game goodness, as well as some of the disbelief of a Nintendo-owned Harry Potter franchise. All that and Civilization VI and Turok excitement to boot.

The news includes:

  • Wasteland 3 multiplayer details revealed in new Fig update
  • Civilization VI offers multiple leaders for each civilization
  • Turok 2 remake 'is coming' according to Nightdive Studios
  • Nintendo wanted to buy the rights to Harry Potter in the 1990s

Let us know what you think.


No, that's not a clever pun. For whatever reason, the opening intro is missing from the file. It's just not there - perhaps the recording software was late in starting.

Regardless, the crew discuss the Palmer Luckey scandal before moving head with a new segment, just to discuss random stuff they've seen that isn't on the news docket.

Speaking of which, the news includes:

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 is happening, original game free on PC next week
  • The Witcher 3 success "marred my books," claims author
  • October has arrived, and the Nintendo NX has not
  • Fallout 4/Skyrim mods are back on for PlayStation 4, with one big caveat

All this and Listener Feedback!


This episode is late due to Jonah having to do some film work, but this show also has some huge news items as well.

The news items this week includes:

  • inXile announces Wasteland 3 - and it's got multiplayer
  • No Man’s Sky is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority
  • Destiny 2 rumored to be coming to PC
  • PlayStation 3 was way overpriced and still lost money on each unit, former Sony exec says

Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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